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John Noble - Continuation... more!

Just a short amount of time spent on more sculpting and some photo-shoppery to see how he looks with some badly painted hair..


John Noble - Continuation

I couldn’t resist putting what I have already into maya and testing out a skin shader, lots of tweaking later and here he is, looking a touch healthier!

Back to Mudbox now to complete the sculpt and then hes ready to retopologise.

John Noble - Dr Walter Bishop Sculpt WIP

Started this recently after finishing the series, The hair is just thrown on temporarily. I’m thinking about maybe pushing this further in maya for a nice render.

So I began the concept sculpt for Fango, and found it very difficult to translate his face into 3D. It’s getting closer, though I have a few more tweaks to make before I’m happy with it. As with Zerit, this is just a concept sculpt to use as a basis for building a better mesh for animation.

 more updates soon…

Just a minor update, I have knocked up a quick pilots helmet, and removed the moustache. I think for the re-topologise, I will do him this way and add the moustache and hair using shave and a haircut, or Maya fur.

I have spent too much time jumping from project to project, in my free time. But I think I have found focus with this one. I’m a massive fan of Frezzato, specifically his Maser series, and so I’m going to run with it, knock up a few of the characters and vehicles, a bit of an environment and put together a scene from the series.

This evening I spent a couple of ‘hoz’ on a concept sculpt of Zerit. I just wanted to see how well the drawings could translate into 3D, and I think it could be quite feasible to maintain much of the exaggerated nature of the original art.

But here is as far as I have gotten. It is going impossibly slowly now that I have so many polygons in the sculpt. My poor x800 Radeon can’t cope. I have ordered a stop gap card, but I certainly cant justify spending hundreds on something awesome! Anyway, this is as far as I worked this morning:

It’s all very symmetrical, which I will change, and his feet look a touch small at the moment.

When I get back, I will have a new graphics card and will finish up on this chap.

I’m back, Exeter was fantastic!

But now it’s back to work. I have spent some more time on sculpting, added all of the other assets to fit them and just tested some rough colour. Not so keen on the trouser and boot colours as they are here, so I will do some testing.

So, after a couple of hours in Mudbox we have a rough torso.

There is more detail to be added. Obviously the face is still very generic, but it is a base to which I can add the life giving detail.

I’m off to the premiere of Zomblies, and won’t be back until Sunday.  So I expect the next update to fall on Monday.

I need to improve my portfolio drastically, I have spent too much time trying to rush and get something ‘good’ when I need to convey that I can do ‘great’! Essentially by jumping quickly between projects over the last month or two, I have been wasting my time!

So, Here I will document my process of creating a ‘next gen’ game character. I am aiming for realistic, the kind of realistic you would expect from games like uncharted 2 or resident evil 5.

So these first images were made over the last 3 days:

Next up,  I will begin to sculpt in Mudbox. But I only have two days by a computer over the next two weeks, so how far I can get in that time, I’m unsure…